October TV Preview

October 10, 2017

I’m already super late with my October previews and I’m not interested in wasting my time detailing everything that will be debuting on TV this month, but here’s a list of some of the more notable premiere dates and some brief thoughts:

Bob’s Burgers (October 1st, FOX, season 8) – My wife and I started watching this together, but then she zoomed past me and Netflix lost the series, so I’m stuck on season 3, but we are both big fans. I suspect we can watch season 8 without feeling like we are spoiling much.

The Simpsons (October 1st, FOX, season 29) – Who watches this these days? I don’t know a single person, but it’s still incredible that this show is approaching its 30th season. The Simpsons has reached a point where there are probably twice as many episodes I haven’t seen than ones I have.

Family Guy (October 1st, FOX, season 15) – I’ve only sporadically watched this show, but it’s still worth noting because 15 seasons is pretty amazing.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (October 1st, HBO, season 9) – Larry David’s show hasn’t aired a new episode since 2011, but I’ve always loved it, even going as far as to thinking it might be the funniest show of all time. That’s high praise, and maybe a little unwarranted, but I’m already tuning in to this season and LD is still making me laugh out loud.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (October 1st, E!, season 14) – They must air multiple seasons a year, right? 14 season? I don’t care about this, but my wife definitely enjoys KUWTK.

Scandal (October 5th, FOX, season 7) – Another wife show that I don’t watch, but will list here to remind myself to record it.

Once Upon a Time (October 6th, ABC, season 7) – Ditto.

Supergirl (October 9th, CW, season 3) – I watched the pilot of this series and it didn’t particularly grab me, but I’m sure I’ll catch up some day.

The Flash (October 10th, CW, season 4) – I enjoyed season 1 and I’m yet to binge through seasons 2 and 3.

Mr. Robot (October 11th, USA, season 3) – I’ve heard really good things about this show – well, the first season at least. So many good T.V. shows these days and so little time to catch up, but this is pretty high up on my list.

Supernatural (October 12th, CW, season 13) – 13 seasons! Amazing. I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen multiple seasons of this and I enjoyed it. Maybe some day I will catch up, but probably not unless my wife also gets into it.

Arrow (October 12th, CW, season 6) – I think I stopped watching Arrow around season 4. I still liked it but it was far less enjoyable than the first few seasons. I have no idea if it’s still any good, but I will probably catch up some day.

Mindhunter (October 13th, Netflix) – This show wasn’t on my radar until recently when I realized it was directed by the amazing David Fincher and about FBI agents trying to get into the minds of serial killers. Fincher has already shown he’s adept at this genre with 2007’s Zodiac. I’m always down for a murder mystery – especially one with a Silence of the Lambs vibe.

The Walking Dead (October 22nd, AMC, season 8) – Here’s another show I started watching with my wife and next thing I knew I was on episode 4 and she was on season 3. So I gave up. I have not been participating in the phenomenon as it has been ongoing, but that hasn’t stopped the world from spoiling everything for me. I know who Negan is. I know major characters that die. I suspect this show is massively overrated, but I definitely want to watch it eventually.

Stranger Things (October 27th, Netflix, season 2) – This is probably the most anticipated premiere of the fall. With its 1980s nostalgia factor, supernatural terror, and Stephen King and Steven Spielberg influences, Stranger Things is obviously my kind of show. I can’t wait!


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